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What Realtors Should Know About Mold

When most people think of mold or discover that they have mold they are generally going to ask one of two questions. They are either going to ask how is this going to affect my property value or how am I going to get rid of this? It is completely true that mold can drive down the value of your home, but that doesn’t mean it is recoverable. You don’t have to let mold ruin your chances of selling your home or crashing its value. In fact, you can take this moldy situation and turn it into a more profitable one.

Of course, this is only going to happen if you tackle the problem in the right manner within the right time frame. No one wants to deal with mold, but the truth of the matter is that the lack of knowledge makes the entire situation worse. This is why it is to enter into every situation as prepared as possible. Below, you are going to learn what the real estate market needs to know about mold.

Giving Your Client The Facts

Just because a home is infected with mold it doesn’t necessarily mean that the home in uninhabitable. In fact, there are many forms of mold that aren’t even dangerous until they are disturbed. All that aside, you as the realtor are responsible for letting your clients know this. Even if the mold is dangerous, you can still move into the home as long as the moisture source is eliminated. All mold is the cause of some untapped moisture exposure. Whether it be a leaky pipe or a sweating heating and air until A1 Mold and Water Removal has the tools and knowledge to safely locate the infestation and remove it.

Dealing With The Mold Before The Sell

It probably goes without saying that you always want to eliminate mold problems before putting a home on the market. Of course, this isn’t always possible because some homeowners might not even know that they are dealing with mold in the first place. This is because mold can grow in a lot of blind areas. In fact, mold thrives in these areas where it is dark and damp. Not only this, but the attics and crawlspaces are without a doubt two of the less frequented places in any home.

If you are thinking about selling your home it is best to get a complete rundown before putting it on the market. At A1 Mold and Removal MA, we can come out and inspect your home for mold. We can be reached at 781 332-4824. We are located in MA and have been servicing the area for a number of years now. Our techs are highly skilled, trained, and possess the latest in technology to best handle your mold needs.

Educating Your Clients

Just because a home is infected, you do not need to let it ruin your chances of a sell. You can always either remodel the area where the mold is and use it as a selling point or you can knock a little off the asking price. As a real estate agent, it is your job to let your client know that there are alternatives out there.

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