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Human Health and Mold

We offer free inspections to ensure that your home is free of mold. We can help you identify mold in your home so you can take care of the problem immediately.

Mold Can Lead To Major Health Issues

Ultimately, a lot of people believe that mold is okay. They’re not worried about it. This is a major problem since mold can lead to severe health problems. Some types of mold can cause cancer. Suffice to say, mold can cause health issues so you need to evacuate your home and get rid of the mold as soon as possible.

Potential Effects Of Mold

Mold will create a handful of problems. After all, mold is going to create irritants and allergens. Some mold types will release toxic substances. If you inhale or touch those toxic substances, there is a risk that you’re going to experience horrible problems. Simultaneously, you have to worry about experiencing an allergic reaction. Some of the most common symptoms associated with mold allergic reactions including red, itchy eyes, rashes on the skin, runny nose, and sneezing.

Also, mold can create major problems for people who have asthma. It can cause an asthma attack. If you’re allergic to mold or you have asthma, it is best to stay away from this substance. It can irritate your lungs and throat leading to additional problems. Even if you’re not allergic to mold, there is a risk that you’ll experience these symptoms.

Ultimately, the real impact of mold is not fully known. Therefore, you should get rid of the mold as soon as possible. If you allow it to stay in your home, it is going to lead to other problems.

Solving The Problem

When you suspect that your home has mold, you need to take steps to solve this problem immediately. Mold is not going to disappear randomly so you should work with a professional. Remember that you can get in touch with A1 Water & Mold Removal MA at (781) 332-4824.

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