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Mold & Property Values

Understanding What Mold Can Do To Your Property Value

There is simply no getting around the fact that mold is going to decrease the value of your home. Of course, mold is something that no one wants to deal with, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to ruin the sale of your home. It all really comes down to perception, and this is why mold has such an impact on the value of homes. Not only this but if the problem isn’t handled by the right individuals in the right manner it is only going to lead to more costly problems.

When it is all said and done it really is the lack of knowledge about mold that makes the situation so bad. Yes, mold is dangerous and yes, it can lower the value of your home, but it is not a permanent problem. With the right professional and right strategy, you can get your home valued right back where it was initially at.

Understand The Mold Disclosure Regulations

If you are planning on selling your home, you need to know that each state is different when it comes to mold disclosure laws. Some states like MA might require you to reveal information about mold infestations 5 to 10 years old, while others might not require it. Whatever the situation is, it is best to avoid any potential problems by just simply getting in touch with a local lawyer or real estate agent and learning the rules.

Know The Most Common Areas For Mold

Mold is too commonly overlooked. And, this happens because mold grows and thrives in areas of the home that are dark and damp like the attic and crawl space. These are areas of the home that no one frequents. Unfortunately, this leads to many homeowners only discovering mold problems when the potential buyers are going through the inspection process. To avoid this altogether, you can give us a call at 781 332-4824 and we will dispatch out a qualified mold inspector to your home.

Learn What Causes Mold

If you are dealing with mold then it means that you are also dealing with a moisture problem. Mold cannot and will not grow without moisture. Whether it be a leaky pipe or a burst water heater, you cannot have mold without moisture. Even if the mold is completely removed down to the roots it will return if the moisture problem is not corrected. At A1 Mold and Water Removal, MA, we can help you determine where your problems are as well as how you can effectively tackle them.

Turn It Into A Positive

Most people see a mold infestation as a negative situation and it is easy to understand why. However, this does not necessarily always have to be the case. Before you start freaking the best thing to do is just call us for an inspection. This will help you determine where the problem lies and how severe it is. It might even turn out that the repair isn’t as expensive as you had initially planned.

That aside, you can always use a mold infestation as a positive by simply remodeling the area where the infestation lies. This would be a great selling point and a new updated kitchen or bathroom can go along way to raising the asking price.

The Potential Health Effects

Unfortunately, mold is not only unpleasant and unsightly. It also holds a potential danger. This is especially true for individuals that are sensitive to allergies and other respiratory conditions. Exposure to mold over a long period of time could potentially lead to a variety of health problems, including allergic reactions, shortness of breath, dizziness, and even fainting.

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