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How To Get Mold Out From Carpet

Mold can grow almost anywhere. As long as there is plenty of moisture and dampness, mold will develop in the spot in question. With that being said, you have to be worried about your carpets. If you wear your shoes inside when it is raining outside and you do not get rid of the water, mold might grow on your carpet. And, you have to be concerned about your pets. If they urinate on the carpet and you do not clean it up quickly enough, mold might develop.

When this happens, you’ll notice a musty odor throughout the room. You may begin experiencing health problems too. For instance, your asthma symptoms may intensify, your allergies might worsen, or you may develop bronchitis. Before you can solve this problem, you need to find out where the dampness is and what is causing it.

Depending on the severity of the dampness, you might be able to solve the problem without professional help. If you’re dealing with carpet dampness bigger than 5 feet in width, you’ll want to hire a professional. If the mold is too severe, it might impact the carpet and the wood underneath it. Mold is alive and it will spread quickly. Therefore, you need to find a solution quickly.

Products That Can Help Remove Carpet Mold

Thankfully, there are numerous products that can help you get rid of the mold. If you’re going to be treating it without assistance, you should not hesitate to take advantage of these products. One of the best ways to get rid of mold is by utilizing baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the impacted carpet and let it stay there overnight. In the morning, you’ll want to use a vacuum to get rid of the baking soda.

If you’re not interested in using baking soda, you’ll want to try using white vinegar. This is an excellent way to get rid of the mold. One of the best things about white vinegar is that it is going to get rid of the mold quicker. You’ll want to spray the vinegar on the impacted area. Once you’ve done that, you should scrub the area clean. It is pertinent to let the carpet dry thoroughly. You should also think about using a HEPA vacuum to get rid of mold remnants.

While you can buy a HEPA vacuum, it might be better to rent one. Either way, using one for this purpose is recommended.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Carpet Mold

Getting rid of carpet mold is not easy but you can do it. Be sure to take advantage of the following tips.

  • Never place potted plants on top of the carpet since this will get the carpet wet.
  • Firewood should never be placed on the carpet.
  • It is pertinent to train your pets so they do not urinate on the carpet.
  • If you’re experiencing major moisture problems, you should think about buying and using a dehumidifier.

We Can Help Remove Carpet Mold

Ultimately, getting rid of moldy carpet can be tough. If there are large amounts, you’re going to be taking a risk. You do not want to get sick and this is why you’ll want to rely on us. We are the leading carpet mold removal company in your area and we’ll be able to remedy your mold problem quickly. If you cannot get rid of the mold, you should call us.

You can contact A1 Water & Mold Removal MA by picking up the phone and calling (781) 332-4824. We’ll schedule an appointment and work diligently to solve your mold problem as quickly as possible!

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