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From mold removal to water damage and fire damage repair, as a leading mold remediation and prevention company in Massachusetts, we’re prepared to handle any requirements you have in the Boston area and beyond. Lets have a look at our services.

Mold Testing: Is your home facing a mold problem? Or is the HVAC of your business possibly related to the presence of mold? When was the last time you had duct cleaning done? Are you experiencing certain health symptoms that may indicate that there may be a mold problem? Our home inspectors are environmental specialists who can perform a thorough environmental test on home and business locations to determine if there’s a mold problem to treat.

Mold Remediation and Restoration: Ok, so there’s a mold situation and there’s damage. What should you do? That’s simple: our mold damage repair and damage restoration service can help with your residential and commercial property restoration requirements. From mold and odor removal to restoration, our removal process is sure to put your home or commercial building back as it was before mold became an issue. We’re one of the top remediation companies handling the solution from A to Z.

Water Damage Restoration: Natural disasters and flood damage are a real problem in Boston and the surrounding areas. As one of the top restoration companies in Boston, we take pride in offering the leading Water Damage Restoration MA trusts whenever water damage is a reality that requires a professional solution. Our commercial and residential water damage restoration is a 360º solution. Along with water extraction, we remove mold and any traces of the presence of excessive water caused by any situation.

If you think that water damage restoration and water damage repair may be too expensive and that you should just paint walls over existing mold, you are just wasting money. Water damage is permanent, if not properly addressed. Water restoration in Boston, MA, is an in-demand service precisely because the intervention of restoration companies is crucial to solving this problem. Also, we should highlight that while some water damage restoration companies in Massachusetts may be expensive, we make sure to offer Affordable water damage restoration in Boston.

Sewage Cleanup: Don’t let lack of sewage-related maintenance in a home or business become a problem. Our sewage cleanup team is here to help in Boston. We have a cleaning and restoration team that can even deal with contaminated materials.

Sump Pump Cleanup: If your sump pit requires maintenance, our team can do a sump pump cleanup that will leave it as new.

Storm Recovery: After a storm, there’s storm damage and water damage everywhere. Your home or commercial spot are probably affected by it. That’s one of the main reasons people call the leading storm damage repair and water damage restoration Massachusetts trusts: our company. Whether we’re talking about storms, floods, fires, or any other similar disaster recovery situation, our team of professionals can perform stellar damage cleanup and disaster restoration work. Your property will look like it was never affected by a storm.

Flood Damage Cleanup: After a flood, we can clean up the damage as part of our home repair services.

Attic and Basement Mold: We remove mold from any place at your home—including from attics and basements.

Fire Damage Restoration: Fire and smoke can cause serious damage to your property, and recovering from such an impact is a job for a professional fire damage management and fire restoration team such as ours. Call our fire damage restoration team to enjoy the leading services for restoration of Boston.

Odor Removal: Smoke damage leaves unpleasant odors, and so does mold, water damage, fire and storm damage. Your air duct may also cause it. Still, whatever it is the cause, our team can remove bad odors and perform super-effective air duct cleaning to solve the problem structurally.

Crawlspace Encapsulation: Do you need to have your crawl space effectively sealed to prevent the formation of mold, moisture, and other similar problems? We can also do that.

Residential Services: We offer a thorough and extremely detail-oriented restoration process that is perfectly suited for your home.

Commercial Restoration: Our restoration services in Boston cover a range of requirements that apply to commercial buildings, from mold and water restoration to other recovery situations. Please call us to know more about how we can help.

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Free Mold Education Resources

We’re happy to make these resources available to you at no cost so that you can get information about mold before hiring our services.

Human Health and Mold

Mold Symptoms

Before calling our Mold Inspection Boston services, you can easily try to determine if you have a mold problem. If you’re constantly struggling with a runny nose and congestion, eye irritation, sneezing, coughing, or headaches, these are likely being caused by mold. We offer a fast air quality testing service to determine exactly if black mold is present and, if it is, what should be done about it.

What Does Mold Smell Like?

Mold is often described by home and business owners as presenting a musty or earthy odor that is unpleasant, if it’s strong enough to be felt. Our locally owned MA Mold Inspection services can easily and quickly determine whether you have mold or not, and what’s the extension of the problem. Testing the indoor air quality is a crucial step that is part of this process.

How To Get Mold Off Your Carpet

You’ll probably hear and read that using baking soda will do the trick. However, if you want real results and to get your carpet cleared from mold and the problems it may pose to your health and well-being, you should call our professional mold cleanup services. Mold damage and mold growth may be occurring discretely, but they will only get worse as a mold problem if you don’t call a mold remediation company to help you.

How to Test for Mold

You may read online about many methods, but you should definitely leave this to mold testing professionals such as our Mold Inspection Massachusetts team.

Does Bleach Kill Mold?

You may successfully remove mold with bleach from flat surfaces that are easy to clean. However, the removal of mold, namely water mold, can’t be done with bleach if we’re talking about porous surfaces. In that case, mold removal services are required because mold remediation companies use different products and methods to accomplish successful mold removal results regardless of the type of surface where mold is a problem. Call our Mold Removal MA professionals that serve Boston and get ready to see results.

Mold vs. Mildew

In a nutshell, mold is worse than mildew because mold may be toxic. Mildew is easy to spot and it’s a grayish or whitish fungus typically seen on damp surfaces. Mold is generally darker and while you may be exposed to small amounts of mold more often than you realize, it becomes a serious problem when it starts to spread in damp areas of your home. Are you worried about having a possible mold infestation? Don’t overthink it—our mold inspections can remove any doubt and help you reach a clear diagnosis. And any mold remover from our team can use a mould treatment to put an end to those mold spores before they become a more serious problem.

What Is Mold

Massachusetts mold problems all have the same origin. These dark spots that can be toxic and require immediate action start forming inside buildings whenever the presence of any related fungus isn’t addressed. We may be talking about attic mold caused by excessive dampness left to grow or about a business in Boston dealing with an already complex mold situation that followed the unchecked growth of mildew. Still, we’d urge you to contact us in Woburn, MA, Reading, MA, or in other areas of Massachusetts for the professional Mold Inspection MA trusts. Our Mold Remediation Services can remove any doubt and the mold itself.

Bathroom Mold

Along with compromising your indoor air quality, moisture in your bathroom can lead to mold growth and potential problems requiring a mold cleanup, and possibly a complex mold removal process. Basically, if there’s dampness and it’s not removed, mildew will start to form, especially in corners. If you don’t remove it, it will quickly turn into a more complex mold problem. That’s why mold is so often found in bathrooms—a hazardous silent enemy that many families live with without realizing how serious it is. The good news is that, for our Massachusetts Mold Removal team, that’s not a difficult problem to solve.

What Realtors Should Know About Mold

Mold & Property Values

The presence of mold in a property can significantly affect its value. It’s as straightforward as that. Since professional mold remediation is typically expensive, a property on the market that requires this type of intervention due to mold will be worth less than a property that has no mold. That’s a situation that is as true for residential mold issues as it is for commercial mold problems. However, our services for mold remediation in Boston can be of great help—whether it is to remove bold before placing a property on the market or after being sold at discount due to the mold situation.

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