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Fenway – Kenmore

Fenway-Kenmore is a well-known neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. Although it is administratively considered a single neighborhood, it is made up of several distinct areas (East Fenway, West Fenway, Audubon Circle, and Kenmore Square), which are commonly referred to as “Fenway,” “the Fenway,” “Kenmore Square,” and “Kenmore.” It is also believed that the Fenway neighborhood is divided into two neighborhoods, often called East Fenway/Symphony and West Fenway. Fenway is named after Frederick Law Olmsted’s 1897 Fenway Main Road. The overall population of Fenway-Kenmore was 40,898, according to the 2010 Boston Redevelopment Authority Census, with a land area of 1.24 acres. (3.2 km2).

The neighborhood is well known as the home of Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox. It is, nonetheless, a hotbed of intellectual and cultural activity. Fenway/Kenmore is well-known for its diverse academic offerings, including Boston Latin School, America’s first public school, and various higher education institutions. Many of Greater Boston’s top 100 institutions and universities are located there, giving the neighborhood a lively atmosphere: many university students and young people from around the city frequent Lansdowne Street’s busy bars and nightclubs. The Fenway is a major highway created by Frederick Law Olmsted that encircles The Back Bay Fens, the most well-known green space in the city. The Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Symphony Hall are within a few blocks of Kenmore Square.

Charlesgate West and Charlesgate West, the Massachusetts Turnpike, Dalton Avenue, and Belvidere Street separate Fenway-Kenmore from the Back Bay district to the east. The South End is located across Huntington Avenue, near the headquarters of the First Church of Christ, Scientists, and a famous tourist site. The Muddy River, which flows through The Back Bay Fens and into the Charles River north of Kenmore, separates East and West Fenway (typically to the south of the Massachusetts Turnpike). Kenmore’s brownstone townhouses, brick walkups, and five to six-story apartment buildings were built between 1880 and are still used today. Small stores owned by independent entrepreneurs can be found throughout Kenmore Square and the most important commercial areas, like Beacon Street, Boylston Street, and Huntington Avenue. A1 Water and Mold Removal MA

Restaurants and Pubs

  • Time Out Market Boston is located at 401 Park Dr, Boston, MA
  • El Pelon Taqueria is located at 92 Peterborough St, Boston, MA
  • The Bullpen Tap and Kitchen is situated at 19-20 Jersey St, Boston, MA
  • Mission Bar & Grill is located in Boston, MA. Mission Bar & Grill is located at 724 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA

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